Saturday, December 15, 2012

24 Days of Christmas Blog Hop

Day 24 -- Grave Refrain
Please stop on over to the wonderful Kat Evangelista's blog and win a free e-book of Grave Refrain.  You can also check out the other great books featured as part of the "24 Days of Guest Posts and Giveways." 

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Dymphna 2012: Belgium, it must be Tuesday

Come see a great, funny and heartfelt show and help raise money for the Food Pantry and other great outreach programs!

When:  Friday, Saturday, November 9th and 10th.  Hors d'oeurves and wine at 6:30 and curtain at 7:30.  Sunday, November 11th at 2.

Where:  St. Aidan's Church, 500 Goldmine, San Francisco.

How much:  Dirt cheap.  Sliding scale for adults ($20-30) and $10 for kids.  And yes, it's very kid friendly.

So I'm the sexually frustrated nun below -- although the Lady in Red steals the show!  Hope to see you there. 

Much love,


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Lovely words for Grave Refrain and chatting with Amber

Jenn at Home of Crimson Flower Reviews and Randomness gave Grave Refrain a wonderful review and I wanted to share it with you.

I also had a lovely chat with my friend and fellow writer, Amber Belldene, about things scary and sexy.  Look for her equally scary and sexy book, Blood Vine, coming out in December.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Jennifer DeLucy, Circle of Light

by Jennifer DeLucy

Omnific Publishing - October 2012

A wonderfully talented writer and friend, Jennifer DeLucy, is stopping by today to chat with us about her latest book, Circle of Light.  This is the final book in The Light Series triology.   I'm so glad to be able to support her as I've been a fan of her work for years.

But first, here's a summary of the story.  

Empath and Pathcrosser to the dead, Lillian Hunt has finally come into her own as a Sentient being. All seems well in her brave new world...that is, until a tragic turn sends her tight knit Sentient group on a rescue mission through lore-infested Europe. Their goal is to save the love of Lily's life—vampire Sentient, William Maddox — from both the prejudice of their own society and the dark intentions of ancient vampires. But how will they keep hope alive, even as time runs out?

Jen, a lovely musician in her own right, weaves music into her work.  I've asked her to talk about the importance of music in her writing.  I've also asked her (since I'm always curious about how authors face their laptop or pad of paper or what have you each day) about how she goes about the writing process.

Sarah asked me to describe the importance of music to my writing process, and this is a pretty personal thing, because I'm also a musician, so I don't just make up playlists for each novel I write (though I definitely do that, as well). For some reason, from the beginning of the Light Series, I felt compelled to write a song for each book. It started with "Lily's Song" for Seers of Light, then "Free Me" for Whisper of Light, and then "Circe of Light" (for the book with the same name.) It just kind of became a thing where I had to write music for each book trailer that corresponded with the feeling of the novel. I couldn't even help it. It was a compulsion after a while, which doesn't surprise me, because ever since I was a little girl I've loved music and story writing equally and always insisted I wanted to somehow do both. convenient for me! *wink*

You can actually listen to (and download) the Light Series music from my reverbnation musician page here. At the moment, it's free. :)

You can also check out the complete playlists for all three books on the Light Series page of my website:

As for the second part of this post--whether my writing process is more organic or more organized--the answer is definitely organic.

My first novel was written completely unplanned but for a few key points that jumped out at me, like little inspirations to remember for later. Once Seers of Light was finished, I utilized a really generalized outline for Whisper, but everything was always in flux, flexible, changing according to what the books taught me and how they guided me along. I can absolutely go into something believing things are going to happen one way and then learn that, in fact, they are not. And I'm always pleasantly surprised by this. I love it.

Stephen King describes novel writing as something akin to digging up the bones of a dinosaur. He says that you can't dig up the entire thing at have to uncover one bone at a time and the whole thing will reveal itself eventually. It's more exciting for the author, and the reader can sense that, as well.  
I hope that gives you an idea of how I write and the ways I use music to express a novel more fully. Thanks to Sarah for hosting!


Jen, thank you for being so generous with your time and talent.  Good luck on your continued success.  Now all of you go out and buy the series!! 


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Other Sherlocks who thrill

Yes, while I love the BBC rendition of the man, Brett was a scrumptious Holmes.  Exactly as I believe ACD envisioned him.  Just the perfect level of "not good."  As if you aren't dealing with a human being at all --- just a controlled madman genius.   Click the caption to view his best quotes.

His best moments

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Scary stories at My Book Blog

Grave Refrain makes an appearance at Day 6 of the 31 Books of Halloween.  Stop over, curl up with your laptop, and prepare to be scared.  Much thanks to the incredible Lacey for all her support.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sherlock, friendship and sex

You can't swing a cat these days (turn of phrase, just a turn of phrase, folks) without smacking into another rendition of the great detective's life.  Movies, the BBC, and now CBS (although the BBC is far superior to everything out there, sorry, but it's true) have all tried their hands at Sherlock Holmes.  Even before this latest round, 221B's most famous resident has been portrayed on the page and on screen more than any other fictional character. 

Regardless of the incarnation, I am a ardent fan -- a Sherlockian, if you will.  The brain of the man, his deductive skills, his robot like chill and suave exterior, are all thrilling to read or watch.  But it's the heart of the enigmatic sleuth that draws me in.  A heart that even Watson doubted the existence of for much of the stories. 

For those of you not in the know, there exists a huge fanbase in the blogosphere clamoring for more than a bromance between these two men.  A forest of fics have popped up detailing what happens once those 17 steps have been climbed.  Why had this occurred?  Perhaps it's the current upsurge of erotica. There exists, my right hand to God, one publisher who focuses exclusively on sexing up the classics --- Clandestine Classics or some such other title.  Jane Eyre with whips and chains, Emma with a dog collar -- who knows?  The lustier, trashier, edgier, more pornographic the better -- right?

As if without sex, a relationship is somehow not complete. 

I'm confused.  First I think the classics are fine without crotchless panties.  And as far as Sherlock goes, there is a world of intensity to wallow in without condoms and lube.  What isn't compelling about a lifelong, utterly devoted friendship --- one of the greatest in literary history -- the bromance of all bromances if you will?  These men would die for each other, they basically live as a happily married couple with their domestics and quiet contemplations and laughter.  They complete each other as no one else can.  Isn't that more profound than a good shag?  Not that I'm against a good shag, mind you.

Now, I'm a strong supporter of same sex equality in all things -- especially marriage.  And I have read and enjoyed my share of M/M fiction.  But before we even contemplate who tops whom in any of these stories, can we talk about devotion.  I think it's a forgotten word nowadays.  It's quiet and constant; it doesn't throb or thrust or moan loudly.  Devotion transcends time and age and the battles waged just to get through life.  There is a charge to it that can fuel passion if passion is there, yet it can fuel courage and nobility and joy as well.  But most of the time it stays silent by.

This devotion is what affects me most about the Sherlock stories.  Holmes and Watson are each incredibly broken in their own way.  One is an unappreciated and often spurned genius, the other is an emotionally and physically crippled veteran.  The dynamic of those men healing each other -- of coming to need each other -- is staggering.  Do I need to see them hop in the sack --- I'm not against it, but it's not in their nature to do so.  If I were to read a series that had those elements with a different set of men, would I be intrigued -- of course -- but I don't think Sir Arthur Conan Doyle ever envisioned handcuffs lined in mink.  Still I would challenge anymore to watch the end of the last episode of this season's Sherlock and not feel it deep in your gut.

In that way, Arthur Conan Doyle did, I believe, craft a love story.  One in which two halves are made whole.  The making of a great man by the devotion of another.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

My dog is also a paradox

My beloved dog, Harry, had surgery today for an imbedded foxtail. For those of you who love a dog --- this is for you.   Here's the link for the link:

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Banter College: Romance Education for Men

This has been on my mind lately. Paul Delgardie, the fictional uncle of Lord Peter Wimsey, was quoted as saying that he could never trust his nephew's romantic or sexual education to chance or the ignorance of the uninformed. Well, yes, he was French, but I think he was onto something.  If you haven't read any of the Lord Peter Wimsey mysteries --- do so.  Read my response below.

From Busman's Honeymoon

Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Most Novel Woman: Laurie R. King

Last week I had the honor of attending a book reading at BookShop West Portal featuring Laurie R. King.  A truly fangirl moment for me as she is my idol in many different ways.  She would probably scowl at this or wave her hand and laugh it off, but it's my blog, I can offer a virtual squeal if I wish. 

First, she is a magical writer -- having crafted several entertaining mystery series, my favorite being the Mary Russell novels.  They feature a woman who is strong, intelligent and not always lovable.  She is also the only living person who can match -- and often trump --- Sherlock Holmes' detective abilities.  She is also his wife, so there.

I fell for Ms. King's writing after reading The Beekeeper's Apprentice which begins with the sumptuous line of "I was fifteen when I first met Sherlock Holmes, fifteen years old with my nose in a book as I walked the Sussex Downs, and nearly stepped on him."  The rest of the series flew by, and now I am in the middle of her latest, Garment of Shadows.  She does her homework.  She researches.  She can write -- lord, can she write.  Too much of what I've read lately has left me feeling like I've just bit on aluminum foil.  She proves you can have a bestseller and not sacrifice the prose.

Second, she is a role model for writing mothers (well understanding the often mind-numbing tasks required in that career and balancing it with the ability to disappear into fiction) and a role model on how to continue to grow as a woman.  I've often written about the invisibility of turning forty, but as I sat and listened to Ms. King I felt like a student that had fallen into a well-loved class.  She is well traveled and well educated but she is also quite savvy (who knew she was aware of Cumberbitches?)  She is also witty and laugh out loud funny.  The one thing I regret about the evening is that the bunch of us didn't take her out for drinks.  Listening to Ms. King speak is something I doubt I could ever tire of.

Monday, April 23, 2012

A Night to Remember for Grave Refrain and me

Truly a Night to Remember.
It was a fantastic turnout at Book Shop West Portal on the evening of April 5th.  Surreal moment looking out at the audience filled with friends from school, the hood, and St. Aidan's, plus many interested folks wondering why the shop was so packed!  Thanks to all who came to show their love and support.  I believe the shop ran out of chairs!  And special thanks to Neil Sofman, owner of BookShop West Portal -- he is tremendous---a true supporter of writers, especially the starving ones!
Greeting folks on their way in.  Most common question, "Are you the model on the cover of the book?"  Answer:  I wish.

Two readings:  the beginning of Chapter One and the Columbarium scene. Tried to leave the curses out in front of the younger kids, but hell that's hard.  Taking questions from the audience. 
Sigining books!!

The party afterwards!  Stunning catering by the Jennings.  Oyster bar out back and my lovely girls doing what we do best.  And they dressed in 1930s and 1940s for the night---put Nora to shame. 
Thanks to everyone for making the night so magical.  I could not do it without your love and support.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Look at that window! 4/5 Grave Refrain book reading and signing

Look at that window!! Grave Refrain book reading is almost here! Brush off your fedora or snazzy dress (if you dare).
When: Thursday night, 7 pm
Where: BookShop West Portal, 80 West Portal Avenue, SF
Why: Because you deserve a great night out. It will be a blast.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

In Praise of the Independent Bookstore & Book Signing 4/5/12

I read an editorial cartoon a few weeks ago which had a husband and wife sitting on a couch and discussing the evening paper.  The husband looks up and says, "Wow.  Amazon is going to buy buildings and put books in them for people to buy."

With the close of Borders and the potential close of Barnes and Noble, the publishing world continues to flail.  E-books outpace hardcovers, self-publishing is no longer anathema, J.K. Rowling just took it all under her own control and cut out the publisher entirely when it comes to her e-books. 

But what about the bookstore?  There is something magical about being in a neighborhood book shop, entering into a welcoming and lovely space and being surrounded by beautiful books.  The ability to pick any book up, read through sections of your choosing, browse the older works of a favorite author.  The staff of the truly wonderful shops is there to recommend works -- they know the authors, the genres, what is inspirational.  It's a place that is tangible and warm and alive.

Imagine a world where there were no bookstores.  Where everything was ordered online -- or all books became e-books?  I'm not discounting the benefit of e-books, I'm only saying that a bookstore can be a cherished place of any neighborhood. 

Our neighborhood bookstore is BookShop West Portal.  I adore it.  I adore the owner and the staff.  Stop by on Thursday evening, April 5th at 7pm for a tremendous time.  I'll be reading from my novel, Grave Refrain.  Come and have a great time -- I'll save a seat for you.  You'll be helping a neighborhood treasure.  And yes, that is a picture of it.  Don't you want to go in?

Monday, March 19, 2012

Great review for Grave Refrain

Romancing the Book gave Grave Refrain its highest "rose" review!  Some snippets:

"Ms. Glover’s debut novel is simply riveting. I had my heartstrings pulled and I tended to not want to let go as it spun its magical web around will just have to read this incredibly well written story. It is probably the most captivating list of characters and storyline that I have had the chance to read in a very long time. It is fresh and full of warmth and romance that draws you in with each word, each description and each feeling that tumbles from the pages. As you keep turning the pages you find yourself laughing and crying. You begin to believe once again in the magic of romance with the fumbling ways of beginning love and you begin to remember the way it was when you first fell in love. I cherish this book and look forward to much more to come from Ms. Glover along with the next ghost adventure.

You will be spellbound…I am sure of it."

To read the complete review:

My special thanks to Robin the reviewer!!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Reflections on Mothers and Daughters

In the name of improving mother-daughter relations, I find myself sitting across the table from my daughter, our hands covered in a viscous Crisco based icing. It has oozed out of the back of the silver-tipped pipping bags and is making its way down our arms. We have signed up for a cake decorating class, and today we are learning to make shag-muffin flowers. Ours look like some disemboweled fluorescent Muppets.

I am intent to have a better relationship with my daughter than my mother had with me. Or I had with my mother. We have thus far navigated the mother daughter relationship somewhat successfully. My daughter, her own force of nature, is a bright and driven, a tomboy who prefers dirt to bathing and obsessively watches the Food Network and Animal Planet. The second child, however, she believes she is second in her parent’s affections and brings this up whenever she wants to steer the familial ship in her direction. This fierceness I recognize from my own mother, and I realize it will serve her well in the world. No one will ever walk over her, pity the fool who does as she once studied Kung Fu.

She is the oral historian of the family. She knows every detail of the Venn Diagram of our lives. She mimics me in both deeds and speech. I’m flattered by this and when I watch her sleep my heart yearns for her. I want that happiness and peace for her always.

We have adopted the exchange of “I love you,” “I love you more,” which I did with my mother. As the mother, I’m not sure I like this as it dredges up the maternal guilt. Am I not loving her enough? What am I doing wrong? No such guilt seems to leaden her little brow. She is forceful in her declarations. She loves me more because she loves me so much is her explanation. There is no either or. Comparisons between her and her brother can exist, comparisons between mother and son and daughter can exist, but not between her and I. The paradox is strange, and as the teen years loom on the horizon, I’m sure it will become even stranger.

Did I want a lover only to receive fighter? Perhaps. But maybe there is a cosmic equilibrium to all of this. We get what we need, not necessarily what we want. Right now, I am content to decorate my cupcake and let her decorate hers. I may tell her to slow down and work on each design, but she will not listen – at least not right away.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Daydream Believer

Had a blast recording my essay "Daydream Believer."  It can be heard at 7:35 am Thursday morning (March 8th), or if you don't get up that early or are already at work:

And congratulations to Victoria for winning an e-book of Grave Refrain!!!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Feather Stone's Blog Launch

Please join me in ushering in my friend, Feather Stone's new blog:   Feather is a wonderful writer and her novel, The Guardian's Wildchild is an exciting and entertaining read. A book that will sweep you away.

Here's a tantalizing summary:

Caught in a reckless attempt to stop Dark forces, Sidney Davenport, a young, rule breaking, spirited member of the secret paranormal community of Guardians, finds herself imprisoned on a naval ship and slated for execution. Her struggle with the unfamiliar emotions of fear and anger becomes even more complicated when she can no longer fight her attraction to the very man who has orders to perform her execution.

Captain Sam Waterhouse, a meticulous naval captain who’s suspected of treason, teeters on a precipice between Darkness and Light. When he receives an unusual prisoner, a paranormal journey begins to unravel his disciplined life. All the while, humanity is unknowingly at great risk when two Dark forces team up to acquire control of an elusive power. Sidney and Sam attempt to quiet their powerful feelings for each other, only to discover they can save each other, and in doing so, they might even save the world.

Through stunning imagery, an intricate and adventurous plot, and a strong cast of characters, Feather Stone gives readers a fascinating glimpse into the future—a future that is chilling, yet full of hope.

Good luck, Feather!!!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sarah's Interview at Laura Kaye's!

The lovely and talented Laura Kaye, author of North of Need and In the Service of the King, among many other thrilling romances, hosted me at her blog today.  We had a great chat about Grave Refrain.  Check it out:

Thank you so much all your support, Laura!!!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Monday, February 27, 2012

Contingencies: In praise of a young talent


Last year Thomas White wrote his science fiction novel, Contingencies. He was all of fourteen years old.   He is a classmate of my son's and I have known him for years.  We would often discuss what books we were reading, which authors we preferred---you know, chatter allowed between a parent and a teenager.  I'm not sure we made eye contact, but I knew we both ate up books with the same relish.  All this time, however, I never knew he could write.  It boggles my mind that such talent is housed in such a young person. Reading Contingencies, I felt what it was like to read my first Bradbury or Asimov.

Picking up Thomas' book instantly challenged me. He is efficient and economical in his writing, while at the same time pulling the reader into the narrative in a highly unique way.  There is a wonderful scene early on where the citizens of the moon colony are watching artifacts being loaded off a shuttle.  The items have come from Earth as a war is raging on the planet.  What is known and unknown about these artifacts speaks volumes about where the colonists are in time.

In the age of insipid formula-driven narratives, cliched characters, and derivative plots, this book read like a breath of fresh air.

Last night, lighters were given out as favors at the Vanity Fair Oscar party bearing a quote from the late and great Christopher Hitchens.  “Everyone has a book inside them, which is exactly where I think it should, in most cases, remain.”  For Thomas White this is not the case.  Hopefully Contingencies will be the first of many.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday for Grave Refrain

Stop over to Six Sentence Sunday and check out six sentences from an assortment of romance novels, from the refined to the well, you can see for yourself.  Here's six from Grave Refrain, in keeping with the situation:

Sometime in the night Emily awoke. The rain still beat against the windows, their bodies burrowed beneath the covers making a refuge of their bed. Andrew’s solid forearm lay curled across her breasts, his face nuzzled within the nape of her neck, his breath now warm and steady. Having felt her move, he tightened his hold. Not wanting this to be a dream, she slowly turned to face him in the silent ballet lovers do, scared he would disappear if she couldn’t see him, and pressed in drowsy sleep the full length of her naked body to his. In the darkness, she drew her hands softly across the definition of his muscles, memorizing him.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fat Tuesday, The First Chapter of Grave Refrain, and Ashes to Go

Celebrate Fat Tuesday and check out the first chapter of Grave Refrain at D. Renee Bagby Presents First Chapters.

Because I support the giving up and taking up aspect of Lent, here's the skinny.

Giving up:  Wine and whining, coffee and carping, red meat and chocolate.  Yes, you may ask, why bother living?  But hey, it's only forty days, right?  Right?

Taking up:  St. Aidan's Food Pantry and running (so I'm not the only one at my book group who isn't training for a marathon...)

If you're so inclined, The Food Pantry will be hanging out in the Diamond's Height Parking Lot tomorrow.  You can get Ashes to Go.  No, I'm not kidding.  It's brilliant.  Stop by and say hello.  Pick up a gallon of milk and a smudge.  If you've already read Grave Refrain, you know I have a soft spot for ashes.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

BookShop West Portal now carrying Grave Refrain!

BookShop West Portal is carrying Grave Refrain!  Help support the best indepedent bookstore in San Francisco.  Run in and buy a copy!

Location:  80 West Portal Avenue
                San Francisco, CA  94127

BookShop West Portal is a vibrant and important part of not only the West Portal neighborhood, but of the city itself.  The staff is incredibly supportive of beginning authors.  Plus the store is a jewel, full of gorgeous books -- go and fall in love.  And thank the owner, Neil, for his hard work.  He is the best.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

What a decent bottle of chardonnay, a picture of Aaron Eckhart, and cabin fever wrought

Here's the scoop, ladies.  It's a three day weekend.  At some point, you will find your moment of Zen.  The kids will have wandered off, the husband/sig other/roomate will be doing Y/XX-chromosome things, life is good.  This story was originally published in The Summer Anthology Series

It's my gift to you.  It's free.  It's romantic.  It's escapism.  You deserve it for all the support you've given me in supporting Grave Refrain.  But most importantly, you deserve it because of all the day-in-day-out heavy lifting you do.  You keep the world going.

Much love,

PS.  If you like this and haven't read Grave Refrain -- I've got the rest of your weekend lined up.  The first martini is on me.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Grave Refrain at #3 and #27

Grave Refrain remains #3 on Amazon Kindle sales for Ghosts/Horror and #26 for Horror.  This tickles me pink since it's also a romance -- but I suppose the supernaturnal just won out.  There's a reason by Love is crossed out on the title and Ghost takes it place!

Very thankful to Andrea for hosting me at her site.  Author interview at Cozy Up With a Good Read: where I talk about how I almost assaulted a taxi driver and my love of shoe sales...

If you haven't, PLEASE head on over to Amazon and Goodreads and leave a review.  It's looking a little sparse over there.  In thanks, I mix the best martini in the world -- with extra olives.

Tomorrow, I'm going to sing the praises of my new favorite author.  He is only 14 years old.  I swear, he'll be the next Asimov or Bradbury.  Makes me want to break my toss out my laptop.


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Day 30!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's here!!!! An exhausting and great day.  Grave Refrain hit #3 on the Amazon Kindle sales for Ghost/Horror on its first day! Thanks to you!

Very proud and very grateful for all those who bought, sold, and mid-wifed this book into the world.  Also incredibly thankful for all those  messages and phone calls today.  The list of everyone I'm beholden to is a whos-who of the coolest people on this plant.  I would list everyone, but I would invaribly leave someone out (Anne Caird, I'm still apologizing!!) as I'm about to drop.  But please know it takes a village -- and I have the best $@#** village EVER!

Let's keep the excitement alive!  Remember, on April 5th, the martinis are on me.

All my love and thanks,


Monday, February 13, 2012

Day 29 of 30 Days of Grave Refrain

Only a few hours now!!! Very excited. Here's an author interview on Omnific where they ask me some fun questions and I get to gush about Cary Grant.

Thanks to all of you for all your love and support. Especially the tireless and always upbeat Micha and Elizabeth who deal with my endless questions and requests with a smile.

Remember, buy your e-book tomorrow, leave your reviews on Amazon and Goodreads if the spirit moves you, and come to the bookreading on April 5th. Get those suits and dresses ready! I've got the martinis.



Sunday, February 12, 2012

Day 28 of 30 Days of Grave Refrain

Thank you to all who signed up over at Goodreads. Over 500 people have entered! Not bad for some unknown author obsessed with ghosts... Hope you all win. If not, make sure you stop by the bookreading at BookShop West Portal on April 5th at 7pm. Lots of surprises there!

In these last few days, please blog, tweet, threaten your friends about Grave Refrain. It's a romance for those who don't typically like romances, a ghost story with both stylish and evil specters, and a mystery with one foot firmly in the 1930s. Plus, it has stoner spiritualists. Here's a snippet from one of my favorite scenes. Emily is surrounded by these guys while searching for ashes in the Columbarium:

Dwayne looked petrified, like someone had just handed him a ticking time bomb, which wasn’t far from the truth. He awkwardly put his arms around her, guiding her off and up the stairs with Emily resisting all the way until they reached the top. A couch was tucked in the corner, the back covered in an abundance of velvet pillows.
Emily finally gave in to his efforts and felt a stray tear steal down her face as she turned her head into the pot-reeking softness of his shoulder. He sat there as she unloaded her whole day, her whole week, her whole month into his tattooed arms.
Finally, after what felt like an eternity, her voice raw from the telling and a few more of her tears shouldered away, the equally wary faces of Dinesh and Buck poked around the corner. Dinesh ventured closer and offered her a large glass of wine that she took with shaking hands.
“Drink up, sister. You look like the dead.”
She snorted and gulped the wine down in one swallow. It hit her stomach like a fist. Dinesh glanced at Buck who begrudgingly handed his glass over. “But it’s good vino, man. Those Lipshit people are loaded.”
“Lipswitch,” mumbled Dinesh.
The second glass disappeared without a hitch. Warm tendrils of alcohol spiraled down to Emily’s feet.
“Look, we’d really like to help,” said Dwayne, “but we got another gig across town. There’s a Wiccan spiral dance over on Valencia. We promised Dinesh’s girlfriend, Lucretia, we’d be there like a half hour ago. She’s gonna turn me into a newt or some other shit if I don’t get going. Man, witches…”
Buck didn’t utter a word, just looked apologetic and shrugged his shoulders as if to agree with the vagaries of the supernatural.
“Meet you in the van, dude,” said Dinesh as Buck followed silently, and with a wave goodbye, their footsteps clodded away leaving Dwayne staring down at her.
“Look, it’ll probably get me fired, but why don’t you stick around and look for those cre-mains? Just flick the lock on the door when you leave. It ain’t like you’ll be getting any visitors this late at night. I’m just gonna close up the office downstairs. Can you believe them giving me an office? Righteous.
“Oh, yeah, here, if you have any problems.” He patted his jacket and withdrew a card.
Emily held it up in the dim light:
Dwayne Cobshib
Palmist, Tarot Card Reader, Spiritualist and Security Guard, The Columbarium
His phone number was listed, followed by the e-mail address of She managed a smile.
“A séance might be just what you need,” Dwayne informed her. “They really like to dish the dirt on each other. The secret is to find the right spirit guide to allow the positive energy to flow.”
Emily nodded weakly and wondered how she had gotten to this point, sitting in a crypt after hours, chatting about communicating with the Great Beyond after barely escaping the clutches of a very live man with the help of a very dead woman.

Grave Refrain, pages 158-159.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Day 27 of 30 Days of Grave Refrain

Poor Andrew. He can't catch a break. Find out if he does change fate, or if he becomes a ghost himself. Very exciting! Only two days left!

For those who asked, Amazon will sell the Kindle version of Grave Refrain from 2/14 onward.

So buy yourself a Valentine you'll love. Instead of a box of stale candy or a toaster...

What's the worst Valentine you've ever received? Give me your worst!



Friday, February 10, 2012

Day 26 of 30 Days of Grave Refrain

Only a few days left until Grave Refrain is published!! Help out that starving artist or she might float away too.

Visit Amazon on Valentine's Day and fall in love. Because when it comes to true love, one lifetime is never enough.

Afterwards, please leave a review there and on Goodreads. If you do, I owe you a hug and

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Day 25 of 30 Days of Grave Refrain

Who said geeks can't be sexy?

Less than a week now! Another great review from Cozy Up With a Good Read:
My favorite part: ...nothing like what I was expecting at all! I have not read many romance novels, to be honest, but I am so glad I read this one (I have a preconceived notion about romance novels and this one definitely changed that for me!) This book really blew me away...

So who is your sexiest geek? Spouses don't count...

Remember, buy Grave Refrain on Valentine's Day!!! Your inner geek will be glad you did!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Day 22 of 30 Days of Grave Refrain

A cause to celebrate. How about someone else's words for a change? From That's What I'm Talking About Book Blog Reviewer 2/8/12:

As I began reading Grave Refrain, the debut novel for author Sarah M. Glover, I was instantly drawn in to the real-world situations created. Three women sharing an apartment. Must find new digs. Hot band at the bar – meaning, the guys were cute and the band played **actual** music (probably helped that they were foreign, and Ms. Glover was skilled in utilizing foreign vernacular!). I was also highly impressed with the way in which Ms. Glover presented soul mates. C'mon. It's a romance read. There's a HEA. You know it's coming. What wasn't immediately apparent was the manner in which Ms. Glover would create interest, a flowing plot arc, and characters that feel like they're my besties from college.

The beginning of Grave Refrain was an exercise in excellent character development. By around 100 pages in, I was spun into even more character development as the paranormal entities were introduced much like slim metallic thread in a quality scarf; not too much in one area and evenly distributed. We also were exposed to our FIRST villain and his wretched perversions. The third person omniscient perspective was a FABULOUS choice by Ms. Glover. I thoroughly enjoy watching Andrew and Emily squirm during passionate as well as uncomfortable situations.

....I cannot fathom how Ms. Glover fashioned Andrew and Emily so shrewdly, creatively and passionately that I was completely and utterly floored when I read this passage. “How? How can I want you like this? I was raised better than this, you must know. With manners and etiquette. So proper, so poised at all times. If you cut me, I swear it'll run blue. My father's people were all the epitome of English culture, Emily. My mum, Christ, she'd die a thousand deaths if she knew what I'm thinking of doing to you right now. There's sanity in this head, I swear.” (p. 238) ...

The paranormal bent in this novel is well-distributed, and there are friendly as well as malevolent ghosts involved throughout the story. Some habitation of bodies ensues, and the action-packed resolution follows a creepy séance. I burned through the last 150 pages of this book, to simply see how everything turned out. Ms. Glover surely didn't disappoint!

So buy Grave Refrain on Valentine's Day. The e-book will be available for sale on Valentine's Day. So, it's about the cost of a decent cup of coffee.