Monday, March 19, 2012

Great review for Grave Refrain

Romancing the Book gave Grave Refrain its highest "rose" review!  Some snippets:

"Ms. Glover’s debut novel is simply riveting. I had my heartstrings pulled and I tended to not want to let go as it spun its magical web around will just have to read this incredibly well written story. It is probably the most captivating list of characters and storyline that I have had the chance to read in a very long time. It is fresh and full of warmth and romance that draws you in with each word, each description and each feeling that tumbles from the pages. As you keep turning the pages you find yourself laughing and crying. You begin to believe once again in the magic of romance with the fumbling ways of beginning love and you begin to remember the way it was when you first fell in love. I cherish this book and look forward to much more to come from Ms. Glover along with the next ghost adventure.

You will be spellbound…I am sure of it."

To read the complete review:

My special thanks to Robin the reviewer!!!

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