Sunday, February 26, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday for Grave Refrain

Stop over to Six Sentence Sunday and check out six sentences from an assortment of romance novels, from the refined to the well, you can see for yourself.  Here's six from Grave Refrain, in keeping with the situation:

Sometime in the night Emily awoke. The rain still beat against the windows, their bodies burrowed beneath the covers making a refuge of their bed. Andrew’s solid forearm lay curled across her breasts, his face nuzzled within the nape of her neck, his breath now warm and steady. Having felt her move, he tightened his hold. Not wanting this to be a dream, she slowly turned to face him in the silent ballet lovers do, scared he would disappear if she couldn’t see him, and pressed in drowsy sleep the full length of her naked body to his. In the darkness, she drew her hands softly across the definition of his muscles, memorizing him.

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