For Grave Refrain:

This book really blew me away because it so much more than just a love/romance story....I enjoy my romance novels but this one definitely had so much more to it than just boy meets girl and falls in love. The martini-swilling ghosts are there for a reason, and it quickly becomes apparent that they are not going to let anyone rest until they can. The ghosts really give this book a creepy aspect, there were parts where I was actually kind of frightened imagining this happening... I think this gave a nice touch to the story and made it more than just a regular romance, there was actually a story and plot behind it.

What made this book fun too was how Sarah added in a little bit of science behind the story.... The characters were easy to connect with throughout the story as well. I really enjoyed Emily's character because she was a strong woman who didn't rely on Andrew for everything. She took things in her own hands and would go off on her own often...This story was definitely a great read...I thoroughly enjoyed the story. And the ghost aspect definitely made this one an amazing read!

Cozy Up With A Good Read:

As I began reading Grave Refrain, the debut novel for author Sarah M. Glover, I was instantly drawn in to the real-world situations created.   I was also highly impressed with the way in which Ms. Glover presented soul mates.  ...What wasn't immediately apparent was the manner in which Ms. Glover would create interest, a flowing plot arc, and characters that feel like they're my besties from college.  
The beginning of Grave Refrain was an exercise in excellent character development.  By around 100 pages in, I was spun into even more character  development as the paranormal entities were introduced much like slim metallic thread in a quality scarf; not too much in one area and evenly distributed... The third person omniscient perspective was a FABULOUS choice by Ms. Glover.  I thoroughly enjoy watching Andrew and Emily squirm during passionate as well as uncomfortable situations.  
It's a given that Andrew and Emily will end up together.  As the strings of fate appear to indiscriminately pluck discordant melodies within their lives and their relationship, more than a simple resolution becomes necessary in this well-crafted plot. 
...I cannot fathom how Ms. Glover fashioned Andrew and Emily so shrewdly, creatively and passionately that I was completely and utterly floored...The paranormal bent in this novel is well-distributed, and there are friendly as well as malevolent ghosts involved throughout the story.  Some habitation of bodies ensues, and the action-packed resolution follows a creepy séance.  I burned through the last 150 pages of this book, to simply see how everything turned out.  Ms. Glover surely didn't disappoint!  

Grave Refrain: A Love/Ghost Story by Sarah M. Glover is a sweeping saga across generations. It is a cross between a paranormal and romance thriller. Grave Refrain: A Love/Ghost Story is full of plenty of pulse pounding action and ends with a bang. It’s characters and plots are both engaging and interesting. I have always loved a good ghost story and Grave Refrain: A Love/Ghost Story definitely fills into that category...If you enjoy séances, ghost stories, danger lurking around the corner, romance and intrigue then Grave Refrain: A Love/Ghost Story is the book for you.   Sizzling Hot Books, 2/5/12

Glover weaves an entertaining mystery as Andrew and Emily follow a series of clues to try to aid the ghosts.
Publisher's Weekly 3/2/12