Thursday, March 29, 2012

In Praise of the Independent Bookstore & Book Signing 4/5/12

I read an editorial cartoon a few weeks ago which had a husband and wife sitting on a couch and discussing the evening paper.  The husband looks up and says, "Wow.  Amazon is going to buy buildings and put books in them for people to buy."

With the close of Borders and the potential close of Barnes and Noble, the publishing world continues to flail.  E-books outpace hardcovers, self-publishing is no longer anathema, J.K. Rowling just took it all under her own control and cut out the publisher entirely when it comes to her e-books. 

But what about the bookstore?  There is something magical about being in a neighborhood book shop, entering into a welcoming and lovely space and being surrounded by beautiful books.  The ability to pick any book up, read through sections of your choosing, browse the older works of a favorite author.  The staff of the truly wonderful shops is there to recommend works -- they know the authors, the genres, what is inspirational.  It's a place that is tangible and warm and alive.

Imagine a world where there were no bookstores.  Where everything was ordered online -- or all books became e-books?  I'm not discounting the benefit of e-books, I'm only saying that a bookstore can be a cherished place of any neighborhood. 

Our neighborhood bookstore is BookShop West Portal.  I adore it.  I adore the owner and the staff.  Stop by on Thursday evening, April 5th at 7pm for a tremendous time.  I'll be reading from my novel, Grave Refrain.  Come and have a great time -- I'll save a seat for you.  You'll be helping a neighborhood treasure.  And yes, that is a picture of it.  Don't you want to go in?

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  1. What a beautiful store! And it looks like a great place for a signing--have a blast.