Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sarah at SF Indie Authors event this Saturday

What:  I'll be meeting and greeting and signing and chatting with 35 very talented authors this Saturday at the San Francisco Indie Authors Event.  Tickets have sold out but those on the wait list have a good shot of getting in.  Plus there are goodies and prizes -- like Grave Refrain guitar pics.

Where:  Embarcadero Ballroom at the Sheraton Fisherman's Wharf

When:  From 12 to 4 pm.  Queing starts at 11 am.

Details for the Day

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e event officially runs 12 PM  - 4 PM in the Embarcadero Ballroom at the Sheraton Fisherman's Wharf.  You may start queuing for entry in the lobby outside the ballroom at 11 AM.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Scavenger Hunt and Twitter Party, oh my

Who doesn't love a scavenger hunt?  And what's better than having to get out of your comfy chair and scavenge about?  Get cozy right where you are, pour yourself a glass of wine and voila!   Tomorrow is the day of a big twitter party amongst some rather fabulous Omnific authors. Friday 31st May at 4.00pm PST and lots of us will be on twitter, ready to chat. Just follow along with the hashtag #Omnilious . We’ll will be giving out lots of ebooks  including the prize packs from the Scavenger Hunt.

This is how the hunt works:
Prize Packs
Young Adult Pack
Reaping Me Softly by Kate Evangelista
Ember by Carol Oates
Shades of Atlantis by Carol Oates
Embrace by Cherie Colyer
New Adult Pack
Streamline by Jennifer Lane
Poughkeepsie by Debra Anastasia
Three Daves by Nicki Elson
Eve of Samhain by Lisa Sanchez
Contemporary Adult Pack
All-American Girl by Justine Dell
Recaptured Dreams by Justine Dell
Cocktails & Dreams by Autumn Markus
Pieces of Us by Hannah Downing
Cat O’ Nine Tails by Patricia Leever
With Good Behavior by Jennifer Lane
Paranormal Adult Pack
Divine Temptation by Nicki Elson
Blood Vine by Amber Belldene
Crushed Seraphim by Debra Anastasia
Seers of Light by Jennifer DeLucy
Divinity by Patricia Leever
Grave Refrain: A Ghost/Love Story by Sarah M. Glover
Participating authors
Lisa Sanchez         Hannah Downing        Jennifer Lane        Jennifer DeLucy
Nicki Elson            Kate Evangelista         Justine Dell            Cherie Colyer
Carol Oates           Debra Anastasia          Patricia Leever     Amber Belldene
                                   Sarah Glover                Autumn Markus

Follow the links below to the Authors blogs and collect the numbered letters for the secret word. As soon as you’ve worked out the word, enter the word and your twitter handle into the form. Entries are open from the day before the party(today) and close at the end of the party when winners will be announced.

Entry Form

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Omnific Anniversary and way to go Alice!!!

Hello all,
Send a Valentine's gift that you can curl up with all year long. yourself.
I'm a huge fan of my fellow Omnific authors so when I heard about this giveaway I knew I had to pass on the information.

Omnific is giving away THREE KINDLES for THREE GREAT YEARS.


Kindle #1 will feature all of Omnific's 2010 titles!
Passion Fish
Three Daves
Seers of Light
Boycotts & Barflies
A Valentine Anthology
The Unidentified Redhead
Stitches and Scars
Eve of Samhain
Life, Liberty, and Pursuit
With Good Behavior
Trust in Advertising
Take the Cake
Immortal Awakening
The Redhead Revealed
Whisper of Light
Shades of Atlantis
Breaking Point

Kindle #2 will feature all of Omnific's 2011 titles!Indivisible
Pleasures Untold
Bad Behavior
Pieces of Us
Becoming sage
Crushed Seraphim
The Way That You Play It
Big Guns
It's Only Kinky the First Time
New Flame
Swim Recruit
Full Speed Ahead
The Second Sunrise
The Summer Prince
Whatever it Takes
Cat O' Nine Tails
The Guardian's Wildchild
Small Town Girl

Kindle #3 will feature all of Omnific's 2012/2013 titles!
Destiny's Fire
Grave Refrain
Burning Embers
Saving sunni
Cocktails and Dreams
The Winemaker's Dinner: No Reservations
The Winemaker's Dinner: RSVP
The Winemaker's Dinner: Appetizers
Recaptured Dreams
Glimpse of Light
Circle of Light
Between the Lies
Reaping Me Softly
Once Upon a Second Chance
Bittersweet Seraphim
The Winemaker's Dinner: Entree
A Christmas Wish
Blood Vine

You can enter to win via Rafflecopter on the Omnific Publishing Blog!  

Also huge congratulations to Alice Clayton whose books (Wallbanger and The Redhead Series) were purchased by Simon and Schuster in a major deal.  Look for the movie/television series to come.  You go girl!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Finding Richard III. His kingdom for a Mini...

Am I the only one who thinks this would make a fabulous novel and/or movie?  Here's two great listens about finding poor Richard in a car park.  And if only Richard looked this good...

Forum -- KQED -- Finding Richard's remains

The Reduced Shakespeare Company refashions Richard III