Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Finishing a year long work

Tonight I wrote the last part of a project that has possessed me for nearly a year.  It has energized me and galled me in equal measure, and in the end I produced some decent, solid writing and finished what I set out to do. 

A warm thank you to those of you swinging over from FF.  I'm glad you're here.

Writing a serial is an exercise unto itself -- you never have the luxury of going back and editing, and even with an outline you make mistakes.  For those of you stopping by for the first time, you know what I'm talking about.  Names change (McGregor?  Ugh) and red herrings you wish swam around a chapter are conspicuously absent.  But what is done, is done -- was that Lady M?  Now that was a woman who never minced words.


  1. Well I'll be the first comment..and I wouldn't mind betting Julie will be next since we are up and you guys are probably sleeping.
    You see, you can't shake us off..we stick and Im sure the others won't be far behind.
    The new crib certainly looks nice so far and I'm sure we will have some fun hanging the curtains!

  2. Looks like a great start Sarah! I like what you've done for the place. Now of course we'll all tromp in and make a mess but at least we'll all have fun while we do it!

  3. Hey everyone! It's me, mom2boys. Nice to see you all here. Does this mean we get the epi soon? pretty pretty please with a cherry martini on top?

  4. Can't wait to see what's next ;-)

  5. *waving meekly*


    Here I am to introduce myself. Nice to meet you. My name is Anne.

    I have followed and recommended your adventure to a few close friends. An amazing journey that I am thrilled to have stolen a ride on.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    And a toast to adventures that lie are just beyond.....

  6. Evening *salutes*
    My names Rebecca :)
    I have been a follower of your work since you posted the first chapter of The Lost Boys over on FF, and I was hooked ever since.
    Your story has been a wonderful reprieve during the most hectic year of my life and I sincerely thank you for it :)
    Your work inspired me to write my own (just to see if I could create something as interesting as this [fyi I cant xD])
    I can't wait to see what else you come up with :)

  7. Congrats on completing The Lost Boys. What a huge endeavor; what a fantastic and enjoyable ride. I thoroughly enjoyed every passionate, suspenseful, creepy, heartbroken, humorous, loving and joyful moment. Cheers!

  8. Good Evening,
    I'm Shadowdragon13 on FF.
    I couldn't let the opportunity pass to express how truly exceptional TLB is, and how very much I will miss these characters.
    Now that your tapestry is complete, I stand in awe of the rich, vibrant colors and textures you so skillfully wove.
    Thank you for allowing us to following along on your creative journey.
    Please keep us updated. While I'm sure you need and deserve a break I'll be waiting anxiously for your next endeavor.

  9. Hi - I was absolutely addicted to the story over on Twilighted, and got so excited whenever an update was posted. I wrote a couple of reviews, as ownedbytwins, where I expressed the opinion that you could publish the story, well, with a change in name and description of the characters. :D I hope you plan to come up with more fun for your readers in the future, as I am looking forward to your new endeavors. Hugs, kisses and martinis!

  10. Thanks for the invite and I wanted to come over just to say hello and thank you for the wonderful ride. I loved The Lost Boys.

    I'm a horrible reviewer (there I said it). I think I may have sent a quick note now and again, but nothing like your fic really deserved. It was beautifully written, delightfully detailed and the plot was riveting. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I fell in love with every single one of your characters… except for the evil ones and them I just loved to hate.

    I’m going to miss your updates, I’ve put you on my alerts and will wait patiently for more whenever you’re ready. If you are not planning on posting to FanFic again, let me know where to find you please. Amberstar63@gmail.com (if you don’t mind). I’ll keep checking your blog from time to time to keep up to date too.

    Thanks again… and you rock… just like the Lost Boys!

    /Amber Star

  11. Hello, lovely Sarah. The blog looks lovely. As my grandmother would say, thanks for inviting us over to sit a spell.

    Congrats on finishing the year long project that has entertained so many of us for countless hours.

    You weaved a wonderful tale full of wit, humor, intrigue, shock, horror, and love. It has been an absolute pleasure to read and I look forward to any future projects you have in store.

    Thanks for sharing.

  12. Oh, Debbie,
    Thanks so much -- and thanks for being here. I think I want to turn my time to non FF writing now, but please stay -- it would help no end.


  13. HEAR!!! Hello my sweet girl! Thank you -- and sit down -- you're not going anywhere. BUT, how is YOUR story coming? I want more!

  14. Amber!! Thank you for being here. And stay, I will try to write often here -- none FF work -- to see how you like it. And you doth rock as well!!!

  15. Hello Jean!
    Yes, of course I remember you! You left lovely reviews! Thank you for being here -- and hugs, kisses and many martinis to you, too!

  16. Hi Anne!
    Welcome -- thank you for being here. I'm trying to make this more user/forum friendly -- please bear with me! I'm so glad you're here!

  17. Hello Rebecca! You must tell me the name of your story, please!!!

  18. I've got afew...i use the same penname (missrebecca) on FF, and I've managed to write four stories, A Long Time Waiting and Teenage Kicks are my works in progress, criticism would be very much appreciated please :)

  19. Sarah - I just finished the epilogue to the Lost Boys with a nice glass of Zin and a sad smile. It was bittersweet with a delicious happily ever after and a 'you just know what the future holds.' Thanks for the ride. And thanks for the comments about your experience. I resisted for a long time but have just started my own little fanfic, foolhardy outline and all. Already it's been a priceless education and I know the effort will benefit my other writing. Speaking of which, I will bookmark this blog and hope to read more from you soon. Best wishes...

  20. Hi Sarah!
    I think I've finally figured out how to leave you a message - these things baffle me more often than they should ...
    Your blog looks lovely!
    I wonder how you're feeling now you've finished your year long project? Sad it's over and ready to move on to something else, I guess. You know (I hope) how much I love your story and your writing and I can't wait to see what you come up with next. Thanks for sharing your story with us.
    Anna xx

  21. Hi Sarah,

    When I saw you had a blog, of course I had to hop on over. Once again congrats and thank you for the completion of your stunning epic The Lost Boys. I'm looking forward to your future writing endeavors. You are incredibly talented and hoping there is some original fiction in your future.

    charmaine aka charmizane

  22. Hi, I just finished reading your fanfic "The Lost Boys". In 2 days(and nights yawn) and I have to say it is one of my top 5 all time favorites. I literally fell asleep at my computer several times because I kept telling myself "I can finish this chapter before bed"(at 2 or 3am). A great story!
    The reason I'm writing to you is this; would you ever consider a sequel to TLB? I know you're probably burnt out right now but someday? Maybe? Pretty please? I'll give you a lifetime of olives for your martinis.
    As I was nearing the end of the story I kept thinking about how fun it would be to hear about the tour....maybe a bus haunted by the ghost of Jerry Garcia searching for his favorite bong...the stoners as roadies...the vindictive Victoria determined to ruin them.... the possibilities are endless! So please consider it K?
    By the way, your A/Ns were almost as good as the story itself.
    Thanks for everything!

  23. My sister recommended Wallbanger to me, and while reading, I saw feathers rec The Lost Boys. It's fantastic! I've been reading nonstop and am literally inhaling it...ignoring my children, my sleep needs, and my ever-growing laundry pile. Here's the problem, I can't find it, and have only read through chapter 16 because someone made it into an eBook. I've searched and searched and can't find a link anywhere. Please help me! I need a link :)

  24. Sorry that i´ve come so late to know your story about the Lost Boys, but i love the idea. i {´ve just read the first chapter at FF but a can´t find the complete story anywhere. i would like to know where can i find it?!?!?! a link, a file, whatever... just to read it.

  25. Hi Sarah,
    I just read the previous post of Lena's from Oct. 29th and find myself in the same boat. I would very much like to read the entire Lost Boys fic and can't find it anywhere. Can you please let me know where I can locate it? It's such a great story...

  26. Hi Sarah,

    I absolutely love your stories and would like to read "The Lost Boys". Can you please tell me how I can. Thank you so much for sharing all your wonderful work.

    Best wishes, Carol

  27. I was going to start TLB but read it was taken off FF so i've went to the site you've said and find it.So just like Carol I'd like to know where the story is so I can start it!!!!!

  28. Me too, started to read the first chapter on FF but cannot find the rest and would love to do so.